Welcome to Lookbook!

It can be tricky to imagine what the pieces will look like when they are put together. If you’re having trouble visualizing your design, don’t fret—we’ve built this website to help out. This app allows you to swipe through the bodice, sleeve and skirt styles to find your favorite combination. You can plan your projects, get inspiration from creations that other makers have designed and share your ideas and photos of your finished piece!

Use the orange, yellow and blue arrows at either side of the pattern pieces to select the previous (on the left) or next piece (on the right). Sign up to save your designs or share them with friends. Click the Sign Up button in the top right of the screen. Fill in a name or alias and your email address, upload a photo of yourself (if you’d like to), create a password, and then click “Sign up.” You’ll get a confirmation email making sure that you really wanted to sign up, and once you’ve clicked the link to confirm you’re ready to go!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and give your design a name. Next click the “Save your design!” button and your design will be saved to your profile. If you’re feeling pretty chuffed with your design, feel free to share it with others on your favorite social network using the share buttons at the top. If you’d prefer to keep your designs private, tap the edit button, un-check the box marked “Published” and click “Update dress.” Now your design will be visible only to you.

Want to see what other people are designing? Click “Designs” from the top navigation bar. You’ll see a list of all of the published designs your fellow makers have dreamed up. If you’ve signed in, you’ll also be able to click Makers from the top navigation bar and make friends with other Makers. Enjoy yourself, and if you have any feedback or problems with the app, we’d love to hear from you: lookbook@victorypatterns.com.